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Are caskets really air tight?


Are caskets really air tight? What keeps a mausoleum from stinking from the dead bodies? Is the body fully shaved for cremation?

Casket manufacturers have been producing caskets with seamless welds and rubber gaskets for many years. These caskets are known as 'sealed' caskets. The caskets are made in such a way as to keep out water and soil and air. As with most things that are made by man, these caskets will eventually decompose and lose their ability to keep a seal. This process will take an extremely long time, but it will eventually happen.

Mausoleums have ventilation systems built into them to keep odors from filling the viewing area. Many mausoleums use airfresheners to help keep them from becoming a problem. after a while, the bodies do decompose and dry out and the odors do stop naturally. Bodies are not fully shaved before cremation. If it was a wish of the deceased it can be done, but as common practice, no they are not shaved completely.

-- Stephen Dawson

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