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Cremation Price Lists and Before Death Plans


My husband and I want to be cremated upon our death. I would like a price list. There will be no viewing or service. The remains will be put in an appropate container. I am interested in a before-death plan that we can pay on now. I am 59 and my husband is 61.

Pricing for the services you seek will vary from region to region and funeral home to funeral home. While we can't provide price lists for individual funeral homes, which is what it sounds like you need, there are several ways I think we can be of help.

First, I would recommend using our free funeral home locator to find a family-owned funeral home in your area that can provide the pricing information you seek. There are several questions in our ask the experts archives that cover average funeral costs; you can view these under Funeral Expenses and Funeral Costs; this will give you a rough idea.

Finally, we have a free online planning guide and many articles on funeral pre-planning in our pre-planning section.--Ed.

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