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What Happens to Blood During Embalming?


What is done with the blood after it is drained from the body during the embalming process?

The first thing you should understand about embalming is that is a process of displacement. A disinfectant/preservative solution is injected (using a special machine) into the arterial system and at the same time the blood is simultaneously being discharged through a vein. The blood is collected into a disposal basin and eventually flushed into the sewer system, where it can then be treated at the local wastewater treatment plant. Since the blood is "mixed" with the embalming chemicals during this whole process it is rendered safe and pretty much free of infectious organisms. Some embalmers also add some additional disinfectant chemical into the disposal basin before it is discharged into the sewer system as an extra measure of precaution. It may sound unusual to dispose of blood and body fluids in this manner but it is proven safe and is approved by the EPA. Believe me, there are much worse things that are being put into city sewer systems by others on a daily basis. - Kevin Stockham

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