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How Can I Find Where My Mother Is Buried?


Where can I find information on where my mother was buried? She was from South America and was sent to the US Customs in Louisiana. There she was to be sent to her folks for burial. I have her complete maiden and married names as well as the date of death. Where can I get information to help me?

You did not clarify where your mother died. Based on your question I assume it was not in the United States. In the US, a death certificate would have been filed in the county of death. The death certificate includes the cemetery name. . If she died outside the US, finding the death certificate could also be a problem.

Check with family members to see if anyone knows about or has a death certificate. Without a death certificate, you could check with the funeral home that was used by her folks in Louisiana. If you don't know that and her folks were from a small town in Louisiana, you might be able to check with any of the funeral homes in that town.

This could be difficult in a larger town with many funeral homes. The last option would be to contact the local vital statistics board for Louisiana and see if something may have been filed with them.

Good luck. -- Jon Roeder

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