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Cemetery Expenses


My dad is dying of cancer and has less than six months to live. My mom is trying to plan the funeral on very limited funds. the cemetery is wanting another $5,000 for extra things; she already purchased the plots. What else would cost that much money? I would like to know where I can find vaults or liners other than buying it from the cemetery. Please help. Thank you.

In answer to your question, the cemetery charges can be overwhelming. All cemeteries charge an opening and closing fee, and some also charge a vault-setting fee to put the vault into the grave.

Other fees you may encounter are a recording fee, headstone installation fee, and the vault cost itself. This brings me to the second part of your question about buying a vault or a liner.

Most cemeteries will allow you to buy a vault or liner from a third-party company; just make sure they don't add any additional fees for doing so. Let me know if you have any other questions. --Lance Larkin

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