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Cremation and Organ Donation in Connecticut


What are the laws regarding organ donations and cremation in the state of Connecticut? Are there any restrictions regarding the disposal of the remains after cremation? Where can such services be obtained, what is the average cost, and can this service be self-directed, pre-planned, and pre-paid? What assurances can be obtained that guarantees my wishes are fulfilled?

I did some research, and found there's no direct way a consumer can go to a crematory in Connecticut; you must deal directly with a funeral home in order to fill out the proper paperwork, handle removal of the deceased, and contract with the crematory for the cremation.

(You can use the Funeral Home Locator Guide on this site to find a family-owned funeral home in your area.--Ed.)

The cremation fees that the crematories are charging appear to range from $175 US to $225 US to the funeral director. I have not called any funeral directors, since I'm not sure what part of the state you're in, and that would possibly have a bearing on the answer.

I also did some research on funeral service laws for the state of Connecticut, and found some excellent articles on the state's website--including a link to a consumer checklist for funeral law in the state.

For more details, we recommend you visit Connecticut's site and do a search on the word "funeral."

Again, we would recommend using the Funeral Home Locator on this site to find a funeral director in your area to answer further questions. Good luck.--David R. Shirley

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