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Burial of Cremation Urn with Spouse


Can the cremation urn of a partner be buried when the spouse passes?

If your state allows you to have custody of the cremation urn of a family member, there should be no problem burying that urn at the same time that their spouse is buried. (Some states do not permit family members to retain the urn after cremation.)

If you are planning to bury both in the same space, you might wish to consult with your cemetery. (Some cemeteries have requirements or restrictions regarding the placement of two people in a single gravespace.) If you own side by side spaces, this would not be a problem.

I have heard of situations where one member of the family is cremated and the urn placed in the casket of the other person who chooses casketed burial as opposed to cremation. Even in this case, it would be wise to discuss this with the cemetery. While they might not need to open a second grave, any restrictions on double burial might come into play when you are having a double marker set. - Steve Moeller

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