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Direct Burial Without Embalming

  What are the maximum hours a body may be in a funeral home without being embalmed and only a member of the family may see the body before direct burial?

You did not specify where you were from, and most of these laws come from
the public health department, so there could be some variation from state to

In Nebraska a body must be embalmed within 24 hours unless it is
refrigerated and then it can be held 72 hours. Mind you the only body
refrigerators I have ever seen are in Hospitals, not nursing homes or
funeral homes.

As far as seeing the body before a direct burial that is more the position
of each individual funeral home. All funeral homes tend to error on the
side of caution as we are all trying to protect public health, ours, yours
and the general publics.

Hope I have helped to answer you questions. -- Jon Roeder

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