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My baby is buried in Callahan, Georgia. Can she be moved to our family plot in Folkston, Georgia? If so, what all has to be done? We would really like to have her with us. Thank you.

People do move their deceased loved ones. There are a few requirements to this process. Each state has different laws regulating this process. I might send you to your local funeral home in Georgia, and ask the funeral director there to help you with this process (use the Funeral Home Locator on to find one). He or she will have resources available to let you know what the local laws are governing your request.

I have to be honest with you, depending upon many factors, there may not be many remains left to disinter and reinter. If the baby was buried in a wooden casket, and no outer burial container, and a number of years have passed since the interment, the natural process of decomposition has taken place. There may only be a few fragments of bone left in the grave. I tell you this not to cause heartache but to prepare you for a possibility.

Contact the cemetery in Georgia and request the disinterment of your baby. You will probably need to fill out a request form for the disinterment - reinterment of the deceased. (Some states require a licensed funeral director to obtain and oversee the entire process.) The request form must be signed by all of the consenting parties. Both parents of the infant must sign the disinterment - reinterment request form. Some states may require a notary witness these signatures.

The permit for the disinterment - reinterment may take 30 days or more to obtain. The state may require this time to do an investigation of all the facts before issuing a permit. The cemetery in Georgia will charge a fee for opening the grave and removing the remains.

Transportation of the remains must be secured prior to the date of the disinterment. Transporting disinterred remains may require the purchase of a new casket. This is due to the decomposition process of the casket and the remains. If there is an existing headstone, you may want to make arrangements to have it transported with the remains.

The next area of cost will be the other cemetery in Georgia. The grave and the cost to dig the grave will be charged by this cemetery. I hope that this has helped. Good luck with your quest. --Stephen Dawson

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