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Transporting Anatomical Donations from Funeral Home


Would I need to meet any special requirements to transport donated bodies to medical research facilities as a business?

I am not aware of any very many special requirements (at least in my area) for transporting human remains. However, I am not aware of any medical schools who employ a designated contractor to transport for them. Most of this is done by funeral homes and mortuary services. There are individuals out there who have started up their own businesses doing transport work for funeral homes who don't like to use their own staff for such purposes. This not only involves delivery to medical schools but other situations that require pick up or delivery in far away locations. In fact, there is someone in my area who has been doing this type of work for a couple of years now. He is available to any firm in the area and charges on a per mile basis.

A few other things to keep in mind:

Some states may require you to have a special commercial license on your vehicle.

Many states require transit permits (usually obtained by the funeral director) if you go across state lines.

Your auto insurance carrier should make some special provisions to cover this type of work and provide adequate liability coverage in case of an accident.

Some states may require that you be bonded like other professionals (locksmiths, etc.)

There may be some other things that I have overlooked so check with a funeral director in your local or contact your state agency that regulates funeral homes. I wish you luck in your endeavor. - Kevin Stockham

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