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The Embalming Process

  Is it allowed in the state of California to witness the embalming process without the consent of the family of the deceased? What can happen if one is exposed to formaldehyde? What all does the embalming process entail? How long does it take?

I do not work in California so my answer must be prefaced with that. I would be VERY surprised if any funeral home woud let you witness an embalming. Based on "Public Health Laws" and "Rights of Privacy" the best answer would be NO!

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic, it can cause cancer with repeated exposure. Being in a room and smelling some formaldehyde on a rare occasion would not be overly
detrimental to your health. Most preparation rooms are well ventilated.

Using a pump to inject formaldehyde into the body while removing the blood. The primary reason is to retard the decomposition process and protect public health.

There can be MANY extenuating circumstances but in general 30 minutes to 1 hour. -- Jon Roeder

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