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Funeral Employment Opportunities for Non-Licensed Professionals


What career options are available in the funeral industry for someone without a license and how do I go about finding them?

There are many positions at funeral homes that can often be filled with non-licensees. Check with any funeral home in your area and they will most likely employ at least a few non-licensed personnel, depending on the size of the firm. Non-licensees can perform tasks such as assisting with funerals, death calls (first-calls), assisting with visitations, various administrative duties, answering the telephone, out-of-town transfers, crematorium operations, and many others. If you have some college education, you may even have some of the necessary credits to obtain a Funeral Director license (upon passing the state board exam) depending on which state you reside in. Check with your licensing board to find out specifics or contact your local funeral director. - Kevin Stockham

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