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Is Fiberboard ok for Burial?


Our mom is 91 and under hospice care. She has let it be known that if we spend a lot of money on a casket, she will haunt us. She jokingly says, "Just put me in a box and stand me in a corner." We have made arrangements at a local funeral home and casket prices are quite high. We saw a blue fiberboard casket that we thought would be just right for mom and the price is reasonable. Is fiberboard okay for a burial? Any info will be appreciated we want a dignified funeral, but also want her wishes observed. We are splitting the cost of the funeral. Any suggestions?

The casket is truly looked at as a "prop" more and more in this "play" we call a funeral, so anything goes. If you, the family, are comfortable with staying within your mother's wishes this way, you will feel better in the long run about how you have chosen to say goodbye to your mother. That is indeed what this whole process is about. Saying goodbye in a relevant and meaningful way.--David R. Shirley

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