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How Deep is a Grave?

  How deep is a grave these days? I've heard as shallow as 18" from the top of the outer burial container, to 6' deep. Thank you for your prompt response.

Not every state has laws concerning the depth of graves. If you want to check if there are any laws in your state, you might check with the State Health Department. Where there are not state laws (or local ordinance) each cemetery sets its own regulations.

The concept of a burial being six feet deep goes back to a time in our history when people were not buried in concrete, metal or fiberglass outer containers and sometimes not even in caskets. This depth was thought deep enough to prevent animals from digging up the grave.

Often a grave will be six feet deep at the bottom. Once the casket and outer burial container are in place, this will usually leave
about three feet of dirt on top. -- Steve Moeller

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