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How Many People in the U.S. Enroll in Grief Recovery Programs?


What percentage of people enroll in grief recovery programs?

I do not have a specific percentage. I don't know if anyone does. Also, it is unclear what is meant by grief recovery programs. I read once that 50% of those who have lost a loved one attend some type of aftercare program or follow-up program. That could include a memorial service, educational program or holiday help program. Those programs are usually one-time programs. I know that many people will attend a support group in order to find assistance from others who are grieving. There are those who seek individual counseling to help them deal with their grief. In my experience, those I counsel just want to know that what they are experiencing is normal and they are looking for ways to cope with their loss.

Some people attend on-going support groups and most will attend for at least a year to 18 months.

My experience tells me that each individual grieves in their own way and no two people grieve the same. What people seek after the death of a loved one depends on the relationship they shared and the support network they have within their own families, friends and church/temple. I hope this is helpful. -- C. Jan Borgman, MSW, LISW, Certfied Grief Counselor

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