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How to Make the Scattering of Ashes Memoriable


We plan to scatter my fathers ashes during an upcoming family reunion (over 40 family members will be in attendance). We are looking for ideas to make the scattering memoriable for all involved and wonder if we should allow everyone the option to scatter some of the ashes. If we do this, how do we distribute the actual ashes? Literally, what do we use to scoop out the ashes? Also, any ideas on what to say other than the obvious prayers would be appreciated.

You are asking an interesting question that has of course as many answers as there are people to give them. The death of a family member should be a very personal matter. You ask how the ashes should be distributed, I would pour them from my hands to yours, that is personal. But you didn't ask how I would do it, you asked what you should do, so that changes things because making it that personal may be to much for you or some of the family. That is neither right or wrong it just shows the differences among people and families.

Your question brings up many more questions, how old are the family members, who will be involved in this, do we have any talented artists in the group?

How can I simplify this for you? If the ashes are in an urn now you could just pass the urn to each family member. Could each person who will scatter ashes make something to pour the ashes into (this makes it personal). You have many options to choose from. I cannot tell you what will work for your family or age group. My only suggestion is it needs to be kept personal and from the heart.

If you follow that rule you can't go wrong.

-- Jon Roeder

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