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What Are the Minimum Requirements for Burial/Cremation?

  What are the minimal requirements for burial/cremation? Who regulates this, the FTC? I live in Louisiana and for instance I want to be buried in my own can I know if this is legal?

As far as "minimum requirements" for burial are concerned, there really is no federal agency that regulates this particular matter. In some states the State Board of Mortuary Arts or Department of Health & Environment may address this kind of issue. Some cities & towns have ordinances that restrict burial to cemeteries only.

I know in my city there is a regulation prohibiting burial within city limits unless it is in a designated cemetery. Check at your local city hall to find out if there are any laws that address this. If you find out that it is necessary to use a designated cemetery, there could be some minimum requirements within the cemetery bylaws such as what constitutes a proper burial container of casket, vault or outer container requirements, and even guidelines on what type of grave marker or monument is allowed. -- Kevin Stockham

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