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Making Your Own Funeral Arrangements


I am interested in making my own funeral arrangements. I live in California, and want to be buried in England. How do I go about finding out pricing for shipping a body internationally? Securing a casket and all payments before death? Thank you.

The first thing you should do is make an appointment with your local licensed Funeral Director. He/She should have all the answers to your questions and will assist you with all the international shipping arrangements.

If your are desiring to pre-pay your expenses, the Funeral Director will prepare a statement of costs so that you will know exactly what your expenses will be up-front. Most firms offer a guarantee on their pre-paid funeral plans, thereby eliminating any surprises later on at the time of need.

As part of the pre-planning process, your funeral director will do all of the "legwork" for you such as contacting a funeral home on the receiving end, securing all proper legal documents, etc. It's really not as complicated as you think, and I'm sure that your local Funeral Director will be glad to take care of this for you. I hope this answer has been helpful. -- Kevin Stockham

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