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Positioning of the Body in the Casket


Can you tell me, when a person is placed in the casket, is it the spring mattress or the bottom of the casket that is carrying the person's weight? And the FTC has permitted the retail of caskets--are you seeing a lot of people taking advantage of that freedom of choice in getting the casket outside of the funeral home?

It would depend on the make and design of the casket.

Most metal caskets have a spring or strap bed mechanism which the mattress rests on. While the body weight is resting directly on the mattress and bed mechanism, depending on how that bed mechanism is mounted inside the casket, the weight can be distributed throughout the casket.

A lot of this depends on the design of the particular casket, as again, not all caskets are made the same way.

In response to your second question--while in some parts of the country, the volume of caskets purchased from casket retailers has increased over the past ten years, the vast majority are still purchased from the funeral home.

Most funeral homes offer competitively priced caskets, and most consumers still prefer the convenience of one-stop shopping that most funeral homes offer.

Hope that answers your question. --Ed.

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