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Prearranged Funeral Record of Personal Affairs


Years ago we got a booklet and were able to write all our information in it so the kids were able to know the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the funeral arrangements.

It is called Guidelines for Putting My House in Order--The Prearranged Funeral Record of Personal Affairs. We looked it over now, (years later) and needed to change the things in it and now it is not so neat.

We wonder if you had any more books like it and would send it to us.

We actually have an electronic version of a book on our website similar to the one you describe; you can fill it out online and either print it out, e-mail it to the funeral home of your choice, save it online for future reference, or all three. (The site has a very strict privacy policy stating your information will never be used, shared, or sold in any way--I encourage you to read the privacy policy).

I hope this is helpful--thank you for using Ed.

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