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Raising Money for a Funeral


I was wondering if there were any type of organizatins that would help my friends and I raise money for our dear friend who just past away last nite. His family does not have any money to hold a funeral so we would like to help out and raise some money. If you have any suggestions, can you please email me back. Thank you for your time.

I'm sorry about your friend and I apologize for the time it has taken to respond to your query. I thought about your question for some time and I can't think of any organization that might get involved in helping you to raise money for your friend's final expenses.

In my area there are some charitable organizations that occasionally give a bit of financial assistance for those who are in need. One such entity is the Red Cross, and it might be worthwhile to give them a phone call. Sometimes churches can be of help.

Most importantly, be up front with your funeral director about your situation and chances are, he or she may have some helpful suggestions for you. Thanks for your question and good luck. -- Kevin Stockham

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