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Funeral Home Refund Policies


My grandparents purchased their funeral plans years ago, before the Catholic Church allowed cremation. The plans were purchased at a cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii. After my grandfather died, my parents and grandmother moved to Rocklin, California, and made arrangements with another funeral home to take care of the immediate arragements.

On Tuesday, my grandma passed away, and prior to her death, had made the decision to be cremated, with her remains flown back to the Hawaiian cemetery for services and burial. In her pre-paid plan, she would have received traditional enbalming, casket, and inside services.

It was easier on everyone and according to my grandmother's wishes, that the change to cremation be done. The problem is that now the cemetery in Hawaii is refusing any kind of a refund for the chang in funeral plan and is refusing to allow indoor chapel services because she will be cremated before her burial. Please tell me, is this ethical or legal? My family is under enough duress as it is.

It completely depends on the trusting laws within the state(s) this occurs in. In most states a refund is required for services not rendered.

Hope this helps.--David R. Shirley

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