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Is Burial Relocation Unusual?


My Wife's mother has asked my wife to find a plot for her and that she wants to be buried in the same place as her daughter (my wife). The problem is this... my wife and I wish to move sometime in the future — preferrably to a southern state. She would like to find a plot locally for her mother so that it is pre-arranged but then what do we do when we move? Can you give me some options as far as what is appropriate in this type of situation? My wife mentioned possibly exhuming her mother and moving her to our new location once we move, but she also felt like that would not be appropriate.

Your situation is really not all that unusual and is actually becoming more common as our society becomes more transient. Disinterments or exhumations, the process of unearthing the casket and/or vault, occur more often than you might think.

Many people are not comfortable with the idea but it is sometimes necessary under certain circumstances. If you are pre-arranging a service for your mother-in-law, be sure to mention your long-term plans to re-locate the body to another state to your funeral director so that he/she can plan accordingly.

If I were in your situation I would seriously look at above-ground interment options, such as a mausoleum crypt, to temporarily shelter your loved one's remains. It might be more cost effective and perhaps less objectionable to your wife.

Make sure to have your funeral director check with the firm that owns & operates the mausoleum to find out what their policy is regarding disposition of the crypt after your loved one is removed from it. Many firms will buy it back from you or arrange for you to sell it privately to another individual.

For mausoleum interment I would also highly recommend a sealed or protective metal casket to insure that the integrity of the casket and its contents are not compromised during the relocation process. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please don't hesitate to e-mail again with any further questions. --Kevin Stockham

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