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Are All Funerals about the Same Cost?


Would you shop around or are all about the same cost?

It is not uncommon that I talk to a family about a prearrangement and to find out they have been shopping around. When they feel comfortable with the fact that I just want to provide them with enough information to make an educated decision I often see other mortuary arrangements.

The single biggest difference I notice is that some mortuaries will list everything they can think of while others won't. There are some questions you should ask yourself. First: is the merchandise the same from mortuary 1 to mortuary 2? Do they have similar caskets, vaults, and urns? Do you have enough information to know if they are similar?

Second: have they each included all the accommodation charges that may be incurred, including grave opening, newspaper, minister fee, certified copies, etc.?

The short answer to your question is of course "Yes." It is always better to have more information then to have less information! The secret is to know what you are buying and make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Lets say mortuary 1 is charging more than mortuary 2. Your question should be are they charging more or providing more?--Jon Roeder

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