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What Happens to Your Soul after Death?


I believe at the time of death, the soul leaves the body and moves on to occupy another body. Do you see any evidence that the body is actually "lighter" in weight after death? Do you see any evidence that the soul is eternal?

I don't believe that there has been any research that measures body weight immediately after death. Therefore, I am not able to verify that when the soul leaves the body the body becomes "lighter."

As to the second part of the question, the concept of a soul and what becomes of the soul after death is based on one's own religious beliefs. Some faiths do not believe in a "soul" while others believe the soul leaves the body upon death. Some faiths believe that the soul is eternal and returns to the Creator upon death thus the concept that life is eternal.

Since the soul is not something one can touch or see, there is no tangible evidence that the soul is eternal. The soul is something that is unique to each individual, and what they believe about the soul and after life is based on their individual and religious beliefs.

For additional information or discussion, I would suggest a meeting with a local theologian or religious leader within their local community.-- Jan Borgman

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