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Will Disorder Hinder Career in Funeral Service?


I have tourette disorder, and would like to go into the Funeral
Service industry, this could be a problem as I OCCASIONALLY twitch or make a faint grunting noise, this could appear odd to a person who does not know me. I was wondering if this could be a problem in this industry, I can easily lift and move 150 lbs. as with removals. I have also been talking with a funeral director whom I job shadowed a couple of weeks ago, and he has been talking with his manager, he thinks I would be perfect for wakes, viewings and removals. I am only 16 years old and was wondering if there are any restrictions in the state of California that would prevent me from doing this if a job/internship was offered to me.

Based on what you have said, there are a variety of positions in funeral service that might be available to you. You already noted removals and visitation, but if you go on to mortuary school you could also consider embalming and restorative art.

If you and your employer feels confident about your abilities, you could also meet families and make funeral arrangments.

There are no laws that would prevent you from working at a funeral home for the sake of experience and to sample the career. I would suggest that you contact the State Board (400 "R" St., Room 3040, Sacremento, CA 95814 or call them at (916) 322-4000) to see how old you would need to be to get credit for your work experience towards completing an apprentiseship in California (a step towards being a
licensed embalmer). They will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with the state laws as well as a list of mortuary schools. -- Steve Moeller



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