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Traditional Funeral Followed by Cremation


My niece died recently and is being cremated. My question is can you have a graveside rite and bury the ashes and what kind of flowers do you send and to where —parents home?

You were a little vague in your description on the service arrangements of your niece but your cremation questioning is common. There seems to be a belief out there that you either have a complete funeral and burial ...or...Cremation.

The fact is we often have traditional funerals followed by cremation rather then burial. Typically after a cremation we do have a graveside service where we inter the ashes.

As to the correct answer to your situation, you need to find out some more information. I would think the family would have a graveside service with the ashes and may appreciate some flowers for it. What you need to do is find out what all the family is planning for your niece. If you don't want to bother the family that information may be available from the funeral home that is handling the arrangements. Hope this helps. --Jon Roeder

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