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Transporting Infants


In Iowa, is it legal for a family member to transfer a still born baby to a funeral home? If it is too small to embalm does it have to be buried within 48 hours?

I spoke with the Iowa Funeral Directors Association and they said that it is indeed possible for the family to handle the transfer from the hospital to the funeral home, but it does require a burial-transit permit. This permit can be obtained from your local funeral home, the medical Examiner in the county of death or from the county registrar (again in the county of death). Normally, burial must take place within a short time frame if a body is not embalmed. There are two ways to extend this. One would be with refrigeration, if that is available. The other, if the child is too small to embalm traditionally, would be to place the baby in a bath of embalming chemicals, which would provide a form of embalming, and allow the family more time before the burial.- Steve Moeller

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