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What's the Best Way to Bury Urns?


What is the best way to bury the urns of my parents, in a plot in the cemetery? Should the urns be put into any kind of box or encasement?

Most cemeteries have many options for permanent placement of the urns of
loved ones. Many cemeteries have what is usually called an urn garden which
is made up of small plots specifically for the burial of urns.

Some of these areas have space for an upright marker though most only allow an
inground marker. You can also bury the urn or urns in a regular sized grave
site with a gravestone or other above ground marker or monument, assuming
the cemetery allows above ground monuments.

In regards to an urn vault, some cemeteries require them and some don't. An urn vault protects the urn from water, etc. Another option is a niche in a collumbarium which can be inside or outside, glass fronted or not, depending on what the cemetery has
to offer. There are some cemeteries that offer many different options for
the final placement of urns so if one has options on where to place an urn
they should investigate what is being offered by each property under consideration. -- Jack Springer


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