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Are Burial Vaults Waterproof?


Are any burial vaults waterproof? How would water get into a vault?

As defined by the National Concrete Burial Vault Association a concrete burial vault is a lined and sealed concrete burial receptacle which performs all the functions of a grave liner, but in addition to, it is designed and constructed using lining and sealing materials to increase the overall tensile strength, and to reduce or eliminate the intrusion of exterior elements. Although most vaults today are designed to eliminate the intrusion of exterior elements, water may enter a vault is due to some type of foreign material, such as soil, on the sealing tongue on the base of the vault or in the groove located in the cover of the vault. Most vaults today use a tongue and groove design to merge the base to the cover. To ensure that no foreign materials get on/in these areas, the preferred method of sealing is above ground before the vault is lowered into the grave. - Kelly Unruh, Wilbert Vault

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