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FTC Alternative General Price Lists (GPL)

  In certain limited situations (which are detailed in this article), funeral service providers may use alternative price lists. However, they still must comply with all FTC Funeral Rule provisions, including mandatory disclosures and itemized prices. The three main categories where the alternative price list could apply are: children and infants, government agencies, and religious groups or memorial societies.

Children and Infants

Funeral service providers can set different prices for funeral arrangements for children and infants. Different fees can be listed in two ways:

They can be placed on the General Price List, Casket Price List, and Outer Burial Price List, along with regular offerings; or there can be a separate price list for these arrangements. If the funeral service provider prepares a separate price list, they are not required to give them out to anyone except those persons inquiring about a funeral for a child or an infant.

Government Agencies

Some funeral providers enter into agreements with government agencies to provide funeral arrangements for indigent persons (or other persons entitled to a government benefit). When entering into such arrangements, funeral service providers must follow all Funeral Rule requirements, including giving price lists to the government agent at the time they make or discuss such arrangements.

Prices for these special situations can be added to the regular price list, or shown on a separate price list. If a separate price list is used, it's not necessary for the funeral service provider to make it available to anyone other than the government agency or individuals who qualify for the special arrangements.

Some government agencies choose to contract for funeral arrangements on a package basis. Funeral service providers can offer funeral arrangements to anyone—including a government agency—on a package basis, as long as the funeral packages are offered in addition to, not in place of, itemized prices.

When qualifying persons inquire about these package funeral arrangements, the funeral service provider should still provide the GPL, with itemized prices and disclosures, and comply with all other Funeral Rule requirements at this time. Note: check your state laws to determine whether arrangements handled as part of an agreement with a government agency can be supplemented or modified by qualifying persons.

Religious Groups and Memorial Societies

Some funeral providers enter into agreements with religious groups, burial societies, or memorial societies to arrange funerals for their members at special prices. They are allowed to enter into such arrangements, but must still comply with all Funeral Rule requirements.

They must provide price lists to representatives of these groups when they inquire about funeral arrangements on behalf of their members. In addition, if an individual group member inquires in person about funeral arrangements, funeral service providers must provide the individual with their price lists.

Even if a member chooses a package available only to society members, the member must have the opportunity to look at funeral service providers' other price lists. Funeral service providers can either have separate price lists for qualifying members or include such prices on their regular price lists.


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