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The Federal Trade Commission and Funeral Planning Rules


Each year, American consumers arrange more than two million funerals for family and friends. Because funerals can cost thousands of dollars, you should be aware of federal regulations that can help protect you from overpaying.

When you work with a local, family-owned funeral home, this is very rarely even an issue--but having the information in hand makes you a better, more educated consumer.


The Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule
Most funeral providers are professionals who strive to serve their clients' needs and best interests. But some aren't. The FTC has strict rules in place. (full article)



FTC Guidelines for Funeral Service Providers
These guidelines are intended to help funeral providers comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission) Funeral Rule. (full article)

The Federal Trade Commission on Preneed Funeral Planning
To help relieve their families of some of these decisions, an increasing number of people are planning their own funerals. Find out the FTC rules. (full article)


  The Federal Trade Commission on Pre-Funding Funerals
Millions of Americans have entered into contracts to prearrange their funerals and prepay some or all of the expenses involved. (full article)

Basic Services Fee
The FTC Funeral Rule requires funeral service providers to inform consumers about any "basic services fee." (full article)


  Right of Selection
The Funeral Rule requires a disclosure that informs consumers that they have a right to select only the items they want to buy. (full article)

Telephone Price Disclosures
Funeral service providers must give consumers who telephone their place of business and ask about prices or offerings accurate information from the GPL. (full article)


  General Price List (GPL) Requirements
The General Price List (GPL) must contain identifying information, itemized prices for various goods and services, and other important disclosures. (full article)

Required GPL Itemized Prices
The Rule requires itemized prices for certain goods and services so consumers may choose only those elements of a funeral that they want. (full article)



Sample General Price Lists (GPL)
The FTC staff has developed these sample price lists to help you to understand the Funeral Rule's requirements. (full article)

Alternative General Price List
Funeral service providers can set different prices for funeral arrangements for certain types of funerals. (full article)



Casket Price List
Funeral service providers must disclose that a Casket Price List is available, according to the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule. (full article)

Outer Burial Container Price List
Funeral service providers are required to tell consumers that an Outer Burial Container Price List is available. (full article)



Alternative Containers
The Funeral Rule requires funeral service providers to inform consumers that they may use alternative containers for direct cremations. (full article)

Statement of Funeral Goods and Services
The Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected is an itemized list of the goods and services that the consumer has selected during the arrangements conference.(full article)



State Laws for Funeral Service Providers
Different states have different laws for the industry. Here are links to various state laws for funeral service providers. (full article )

What You Cannot Be Required to Purchase
Consumers can't be required to buy unwanted or unneeded goods and services to get the items that they do want. (full article)



Misrepresentation Prohibited by Rule
The Funeral Rule prohibits specific misrepresentations in six areas. (full article)

Learn what the Federal Trade Commission requires funeral service providers to tell consumers about embalming. (full article)



Prior Approval for Embalming
Funeral service providers can charge a fee for embalming only in one of these three circumstances. (full article)

Learn about Other Rules and Requirements
FTC Recordkeeping, Comprehension of Disclosures, and State Exemption Provisions (full article)



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