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State Laws for Funeral Service Providers


Here are links to various state laws for funeral service providers. Use the alphabet to find your state, or click on it on the map below. (Please note that as of this posting, we were unable to locate information for Virginia).


Alabama Funeral Services Board
This page contains a brief overview of funeral law in Alabama.

Alaska Regulations on Morticians
State laws covering morticians and how they must operate in Maine. Not as detailed as some other states listed here, but interesting information anyway.

Arizona State Licensing for Funeral Directors
Somewhat slow to load, but contains useful information on funeral service providers for Arizona.

Arkansas Prepaid Funeral Benefits Law
Arkansas's online information focuses on pre need funeral planning.

California Funeral Law
If this link doesn't take you directly to search results for California Funeral Law, select "business and professions" from the search form, and enter the word "funeral" in the search box.

Colorado Mortuary Regulations
A comprehensive directory of regulations for funeral service providers for the state of Colorado.

Connecticut State Funeral Law
A consumer checklist in plain English reviews Connecticut funeral laws.

Delaware Board of Funeral Services Transit
A detailed overview of funeral service rules and regulations for Delaware; includes detailed information on pre need funeral planning.

Florida's funeral and cemetery services regulations are online at this sub-section of the Florida site.

Georgia--Rules of Georgia State Board of Funeral Service
Complete listing of the funeral rules for the state of Georgia, published by the state.

Hawaii Mortuary, Cemetery, or Preneed Funeral Authority Disclosure Requirements
Comprehensive listing of funeral, mortuary, cemetery, and preneed laws for the state of Hawaii.

Idaho State Law--Sale of Tangible Personal Property Relating to Funeral Services
Although Idaho has posted their information in Adobe Acrobat format, which can be difficult to use and search, you can locate the funeral service industry legislation review in section 52 (page 40) of this document.

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation--Funeral Directors
Acts and rules, board information, and a host of other resources for Illinois funeral service providers are listed here.

Indiana State Law: Indiana Code for Funeral Directors
A complete posting of Indiana's laws governing funeral service providers.

Iowa Sweep of Funeral Homes
We weren't able to locate Iowa's laws posted on their website, but this press release includes useful information.

State of Kansas Board of Mortuary Arts
This is a comprehensive directory of laws and regulations for Kansas funeral service providers. Easy to read and navigate.

Kentucky Funeral Service Legislation
Kentucky provides a site search capability (as do most of the sites listed here). You can search for pending legislation on the funeral service industry, but as of this posting we are not able to locate the full text of existing law.

Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
This information-packed site is a great resource for Louisiana funeral information.

Maine Office of Licensing and Registration--Funeral Directors
Detailed information on requirements, operations, and licensing for funeral service providers in Maine.

Maryland Board of Morticians
A comprehensive overview of the Maryland State Board of Morticians, including regulations, licensing, meeting minutes, and searchable archives.

Massachusetts Facts for Consumers on Funerals
A comprehensive guide to funeral law in Massaschusetts.

Michigan Funeral Service Legislation
Michigan focuses more on pending than enacted legislation on its website, but the information here references existing law enough to be of use.

Minnesota Mortuary Science Law
A very thorough resource covering all the state's rules and regulations for the industry.

Mississippi State Board of Funeral Service Licensing Law
Detailed breakdown of Mississippi's operational and licensing requirements for funeral service providers.

Missouri Funerals and Funeral Directors
Pending and active legislation for the industry in Missouri. The Missouri site has other resources as well.

Montana Board of Funeral Service Administrative Rules
An online guide to Montana's funeral service industry legislation.

Nebraska Funeral Directors and Undertakers
This site focuses more on the state's requirements for the funeral service providers; however, there are other good resources on the site as well.

Nevada Law for Funeral Directors, Embalmers, and Operators of Cemeteries
Updated legislation from the state of Nevada.

New Hampshire Board of Registration for Funeral Directors and Embalmers
New Hampshire's online version of the state laws for funeral service providers, with detailed information on licensing and operational requirements.

New Mexico Funeral Service Provider Law
This sometimes hard to follow but extremely comprehensive document includes information on New Mexico's state board for funeral service providers as well as requirements for the profession and consumer protections.

New York Funeral Directors Association Consumer Guide
Easy to understand questions and answers with a directory of terms makes this a great resource for consumers in New York.

North Carolina Funeral Service Provider Rules and Laws
A comprehensive directory of funeral rules and laws for the state covers everything from fees and licensing to preparation of dead bodies to pre need funeral planning requirements. An excellent resource.

North Dakota Preneed Funeral Law
This document's also in Adobe Acrobat form, but this link should take you directly to the relevant page.

Ohio State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors
The state of Ohio has a comprehensive site for the state board of embalmers and funeral directors, including meeting minutes since 1996. This is a great source of information on funeral service law in Ohio.

Oklahoma Facts about Funerals
Oklahoma's online search will let you search over 100 state websites; this is the best article we found about funeral service laws in the state.

Oregon Legislative Assembly
1999 Legislation passed in Oregon regarding funeral service.

Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors Act
This Adobe Acrobat-formatted document outlines requirements for operations and licensing for funeral directors in the state of Pennsylvania. You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view it.

Rhode Island House Bill 5673
This January 2001 bill details the latest changes to funeral service provider legislation in Rhode Island.

South Carolina Funeral Rules and Laws
Overview of funeral director and embalmer licensing requirements, funeral service provider operational requirements, and other relevant information.

South Dakota Funeral Legislation
South Dakota has a wealth of information on the funeral service industry on its site; this link should generate the appropriate search results. If not, visit South Dakota's website and perform your own search.

Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Introduction and complete listing of legislation affecting the funeral service industry are found on Tennessee's website.

Texas Funeral Service Commission
This thorough site includes not only Texas law, but also complaint procedures and a calendar of events. It's well-designed and easy to navigate.

Utah Funeral Service Licensing
Updated legislation from August, 2000.


Washington State Funeral Law: Once a Death Occurs
A well-designed and easy-to-use site covering funeral service provider governing in the state of Washington.

West Virginia Consumer Protection Division Frequently Asked Questions
West Virginia does a super job of putting its most frequently asked questions about funeral service law into an easy to follow FAQ format, without legal jargon.

Wisconsin Funeral Directors Examining Board
Legislative updates, certificates in good standing, disclosures, and postings of disciplinary actions taken are posted on this site.

Wyoming Funeral Directors and Undertakers
Posting of actual legislation for the state of Wyoming. It's comprehensive but can be difficult to follow.







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