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Key Reasons Why More People Are Choosing Cremation


1) People are living longer (average life expectancy: male 73.3, female 79.6)

2) Migration to retirement areas increasing (no one to tend to the graves)

3) Cremation becoming more "acceptable" (especially among religious groups)

4) Environmental concerns (taking up less space)

5) Level of education is rising (people know more about cremation than before)

6) Cost (usually lower than traditional funerals although cost is not a deciding factor)

7) Regional differences are diminishing (between East, West, North, and South)

8) Origin of immigrants is changing (religious barriers are dropping)

9) Wishes of the deceased (some people don't like the thought of being underground)

10) Wishes of the survivors (when disposition was not prearranged)

Source: E. Wirthlin Study, 1999 results


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