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Coping with Grief--Common Feelings and Emotions


These are some common symptoms people feel as they go through the grieving process. Not everyone experiences the same thing, and what each person feels and experiences will be as unique as the individual person.

  • aches and pains

  • anger (at others or at God)

  • anxiety

  • bargaining with God

  • comparing the loss to the losses of others

  • confusion

  • depression

  • disbelief

  • disinterest in life

  • distorted or lost time

  • disturbed sleep habits (insomnia, waking up erratically)

  • easily distracted

  • embarrassment about emotions and feelings

  • erratic appetite

  • exhaustion

  • fatigue

  • feelings of being out of control

  • feelings of being overwhelmed

  • feeling crazy

  • feeling disconnected from family and friends

  • feeling drugged

  • feelings of being stuck in a rut

  • feelings of "falling apart"

  • feelings of hopelessness

  • feelings that nothing matters or has meaning

  • guilt

  • hallucinations

  • inability or unwillingness to make decisions

  • irritability

  • panic, sometimes overwhelming


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