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Memories--An Activity to Help Children Cope with Grief


from It's Okay to Cry Guide through Grief
by Yvonne Butler Clark

Children may experience joy and laughter from remembering and sharing specific details about their loved one; however, the joy may turn to sorrow and tears as they realize that they will not be able to have special times or celebrations with that person again.

Activity Purpose

  • To help children make the memory of the loved one a positive grief response.

  • To give children permission to share several emotions--the joy of pictures/occasions and the sadness they feel because they won't be able to have "special" times with that person again.


  • Encourage children to collect photographs or draw pictures from memorable occasions or special times. Picture memories (photographs or drawings) allow them to express grief.

  • In the process of putting the pictures in the workbook, children should relate the significance of the pictures they have chosen to the caregiver or counselor.

  • Ask them what they remember about that special time.

  • Ask what they're feeling as they remember the celebration or event.

Desired Objective

  • To allow children to talk freely about the deceased and to explore feelings past and present regarding the deceased.

  • To allow children/adolescent the emotional expression and release of tears, reassuring them that you understand their tears and that it's okay to cry.

  • To remind children that a relationship does not end with death.


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