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We at Koehler Funeral Homes consider it an honor and a priviledge to serve those that call on us. Please use this page to view the obituaries of those we have served.

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Evansville Courier Press

Davis , Janis E. - Evansville, IN.
Putnam , George A. - Selvin, IN.
Fuchs , Carol S. - Evansville, IN.
Visitation: Sunday , April 13th
Services:  Sunday , April 13th
Black , Neil - Boonville, IN.
Visitation: Monday , April 7th
               Tuesday , April 8th
Services:  Tuesday , April 8th
Gemlich , Dorothy M. (Metz) - Boonville, IN.
Visitation: Sunday , April 6th
               Monday , April 7th
Services:  Monday , April 7th
Moore , Mildred Pauline - Selvin, IN.
Visitation: Sunday , March 30th
Services:  Sunday , March 30th
Scott , Mary E. - Newburgh, IN.
Services:  Saturday , April 5th
Rickard , Lois Alene Vickery - Boonville, IN.
Visitation: Friday , March 21st
               Saturday , March 22nd
Services:  Saturday , March 22nd
Day , Richard - Boonville, IN.
Visitation: Friday , March 21st
Services:  Friday , March 21st
Buchanan , Robbi Boyd - Newburgh, IN.
Visitation: Thursday , March 20th
               Friday , March 21st
Services:  Friday , March 21st
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