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Ask the Experts--Funerals, Funeral Planning, and Grief Support

Ask the Experts Archives

Questions about Burial
Can I Be Buried on Private Property?
Gratis Burials
Finding Out Where a Relative Is Buried
Burial Vaults and Indiana State Law
Burial Vault Information
Mausoleum Interment
Planning a Burial from Another State
Difference between Burial Vaults and Grave Liners

Questions about Caskets
Casket Dimensions and Casket Sizes
Caskets Purchased Outside the Funeral Home
Casket "Safety Valves"
Price Guide for Caskets and Urns

Questions about Cremation
Arranging for Ash Scattering
Burial of Cremated Remains (Cremains)
Cremation and Organ Donation in Connecticut
Cremation/Burial Service Information
Cremation Price Lists and Pre Need Plans
Cremation Statistics for Nevada
Mixing Remains with Other Remains
What Are the Regulations for Scattering Ashes?
What Happens at Cremation?
What Happens to Ashes Not Retrieved?

Questions about Death
Can a Human Body be Sold?
A Question about Embalming
Donating a Body to Medical Science
Embalming and Osteoporosis
Explaining Death to a Child
How Long Does a Body Last after Being Embalmed?
Music and the Grieving Process
Viewing an Embalming Procedure
What Happens to Your Body When You Die?
What Happens to Your Soul after Death?

Questions about Funeral Home Employment
A Day in the Life of an Embalmer
Becoming a Funeral Director/Embalmer
Funeral Service Profession
Interested in Funeral Home Cosmetology
Mortuary Schools
Requirements for Funeral Home Cosmetology

Questions about Funerals and Financing Funerals
Appropriate Poems for Funerals
Are All Funerals the Same Cost?
Cemetery Expenses
Death Benefits to Cover Funeral Costs
Do Funeral Homes Accept Insurance Policies?
Do Funeral Homes Have Separate Areas for Small Children?
Funeral Expenses
Funeral Home Financial Policies
Funeral Home Refund Policies
Funeral Processions
How do Funeral Homes Collect Payment?
Insurance and Preplanning Funerals
Making Your Own Funeral Arrangements
Memorial Cards for Infants
Memorial Folders
Military Funerals
What if You Don't Have Insurance?
Positioning the Body in the Casket
Prearranged Funeral Record of Personal Affairs
Pre-Plan and State-Approved Funeral Trusts
Raising Money for a Funeral
What is Said at a Funeral?
What's the Average Cost of a Funeral?
Who Should Receive Thank You Notes after a Funeral?

Questions about Transporting Bodies
Transporting a Body Across State Lines
Transporting a Body to Another Country

Funeral Planning

About Funeral Planning
Consumer Satisfaction and Funeral Homes
A Consumer's Guide to Planning Funerals
Disposition of Remains
Family-Owned Funeral Homes--What Makes Them Special?
Funeral Homes Go Online to Better Serve Families
Funeral or Memorial Service?
Funeral Options
Funeral Planning Step by Step
High Tech Solutions for Grieving Families
How Funerals Help with the Grieving Process
How to Choose a Funeral Service Provider
How to Plan a Funeral
Interview with a Funeral Director
Pre Need Funeral Planning
What's a Funeral Anyway? Children and Funerals
Why Work with a Family-Owned Funeral Home?
Wills--Why They're Important and How to Do One

Online Personal Planning Guide

Funeral Home Directory
Why use a funeral home directory?


Pre Need Funeral Planning--Preplanning a Funeral or Memorial Service
81 Funeral Pre-planning Decisions
Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning
Burial Versus Cremation--Your Guide to the Options
Consumers Speak Out on Pre-Planning Funerals
Family-Owned Funeral Homes and Pre-Planning
Financing a Funeral or Memorial Service
Funeral Preplanning Basics
History of Pre-Planning Funerals
How to Pre-Plan a Funeral or Memorial
Pre Need Checklist
Tips on Wills
What Kind of Funeral Do You Want?
Why Preplanning is Important

Financing Funerals
Funeral Costs
Calculating Funeral Costs
Financing a Funeral or Memorial Service
Funerals as a Consumer Product
How to Pay for a Funeral
Preneed Funeral Planning and Funeral Costs
Why Pre-Fund a Funeral?

Burial at Sea--Rules and Regulations
Burial Versus Cremation--A Complete Guide
Cremation as Preparation for Memorialization
The Cremation Process
Cremation Statistics
Cremation and Survivor Trauma
Cremation Urns and Keepsakes
Cremation with Dignity
Explaining Cremation to a Child
Final Resting Place Options with Cremation
Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation
Issues to Consider with Cremation
Questions to Ask about Cremation
What is Cremation?
Why More and More People Choose to be Cremated

Funeral Planning Idea Center
Choosing a Service Location
Disposition of Remains
Funerals of the Infamous
Funeral or Memorial Service
Personalization Gallery
Personalization Options
Personalizing Cremation Urns

Funeral Planning and Consumer Rights
Alternative Containers
Alternative General Price List
Basic Funeral Services Fee
Casket Price List
Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule
FTC Guidelines for Funeral Service Providers
FTC on Prefunding Funerals
The FTC on Preneed Planning
FTC Rules on Embalming
General Price List (GPL) Requirements
Learn about Other Rules and Requirements
Misrepresentation Prohibited by Rule
Outer Burial Container Price List
Prior Approval for Embalming
Required GPL Itemized Prices
Right of Selection
Sample General Price Lists (GPL)
State Laws for Funeral Service Providers
Statement of Funeral Good and Services
Telephone Price Disclosures
What You Can't Be Required to Purchase

Grief Support--Coping with Grief, Death, and Dying
Grief Education
Grieving the Loss of a Loved One
The Grieving Process
Survivor Trauma
Helping a Parent Cope with Grief
Children and Grief
A Child's Questions about Death


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