Meierjohan-Wengler traces its beginnings back to 1922 when two German immigrants, Herman Meierjohan and Ernst Wengler, came to America and started a company called Midwest Wrought Iron Company.

The first products produced by the company included those in ornamental ironwork - items like iron gates, fences, railings, and lighting fixtures. These products were very quickly recognized for their high quality and were used in some of the finer homes and commercial buildings in and around the greater Cincinnati area.

Later, other products were added to the product line, including cast bronze plaques, bronze grave markers, bronze and aluminum flower vases and, of course, cremation urns.

In the late 1930s Meierjohan-Wengler made their first cremation urns and have been manufacturing high-quality urns ever since. The cremation urn line has grown over the years to become the largest product line made by MW.

Meierjohan-Wengler is a unique company because it's the only major manufacturer of metal (bronze, stainless steel, and copper) urns that manufactures and distributes cremation urns as its major product line.

On January 10, 1997, Meierjohan-Wengler became a part of the Aurora Casket Company. We feel this union has made us the strongest and best-equipped company in the industry to offer the best of every aspect of sales and service to the funeral industry.


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