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Stainless Steel Alloy Selection Factors


Although the subject is complex, it's clear there are many considerations in determining which type of stainless steel is best for a given end use. Some of the considerations in choosing the proper stainless steel alloy for a particular product's manufacture are:

  • machinability
  • atmosphere in end use
  • shape of end product
  • tensile strength and yield strength
  • cold and hot-working properties
  • temperature variations in end use
  • spring-type action
  • production atmosphere
  • type of finish required
  • type of form and welding
  • temperature of fabrication
  • chemical exposure
  • hardenability
  • weight and cost

The type of fabrication and treatment is also a determining factor in deciding which alloy of stainless steel to use in manufacturing a specific product such as a casket. Fabrication and treatment factors include blanking, shearing, drawing, punching, and polishing.


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