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About Aurora Casket Company Caskets--Features and Benefits


The quality you may never notice is built into Aurora Casket Company products. For a description of the features of Aurora Casket Company caskets and the associated benefits, use the chart below. Aurora Casket Company, who sponsors this site, originally created this information for funeral directors, and added it to this site for consumers who want more detail. If you'd like more information about Aurora caskets, learn about Aurora's promise, and please contact your local family-owned funeral home.

1. Deep Panels, available in several distinctive designs, create an attractive, amply-proportioned interior.

2. Panel Locks work in four positions along the top for a smooth, complete close.



Concealed Hinges, protected from outside elements, provide effective, silent operation without disrupting the graceful design of the casket.


Stop Brace is masked with coordinating interior fabric and employs controlled friction for effortless movement of the top panel



Lifting Bars are carefully proportioned to distribute weight evenly and comfortably. Artfully and sturdily crafted bars of extruded aluminum and steel can be swing or stationary.

6.   Center Uni-Seal mechanism locks the head and foot panels in a single action, resistant to air and water. An unobtrusive cap covers the key opening.

7.   Detailed Trim on top and base moldings is selected to complement each style.

8.   Metal Gimp is finely crafted to match the hardware.

9.   Pillow Zipper, discreetly stitched to the underseam, offers convenient adjustment of filling.

10.   Filling Material in generous proportions gives upholstery a soft, springy feel.

11.   Foot Panel Liner gives the interior lid a finished appearance.

12.   Tailored Rolls assure a distinguished appearance in any style.

13.   High-Grade Metallic Finish is achieved by re-melting the top coat of acrylic lacquer so it hardens into an even, glass-smooth finish. The hand-applied, two-and-a-half-hour process is an Aurora exclusive.

14.   Dressed Corners are free of buffing and polishing marks.

15.   Lightweight Crank is handy in adjusting the bed as well as locking the casket.

16.   Arm Rests for complimentary positioning are provided with every Aurora casket.


detail of a high-quality casket from Aurora Casket Company 17.

Acco Gasket, available exclusively from Aurora, is manufactured from live rubber that will neither marke the finish nor set during storage. Exterior elements are prevented from entering.


Adjustable Bedspring and Mattress assure ease and correct positioning of the body.


Welded Bottom Seam permanently fuses the sides and ends to the bottom for a solid foundation free of flexing and metal noise and impenetrable by air and water.

  20. Welded Corners add superior strength at the primary joins.


Bed Mechanism, welded and riveted into place, combines sturdy construction with easy and complete adjustment.



The Exclusive Aurora Safemat is built into each mattress to provide maximum absorption when needed.



A Complete Finish on the inside surface invites inspection.


24.   One-Piece Top Panel, formed from a single sheet of top-grade metal, minimizes pitting and corrosion.

25.   Positive Lock-Down mechanism engages panel locks at four points, providing tight, even pressure along the sealing gasket.


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