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How Metal Caskets Are Made


Aurora Casket Company's metal casket manufacturing process is used to demonstrate how high quality metal caskets are manufactured in this article. Please note that Aurora Casket sponsors See the "About Us" page for more details.

Skilled craftsmen brush Aurora’s caskets. They carefully inspect each part as they work on it to ensure it meets rigid quality standards. Their skilled hands and keen eyes create a finish that can’t be matched by any machine.

The finish:

  • is deeper… making it more noticeable creating higher eye appeal

  highly skilled craftsmen create a custom finish
highly skilled craftsmen create carefully finished corners  
  • Allows brushing of more of the lid for more brilliance

  • Allows our skilled craftsmen to turn the lid; brushing the fish tail in the opposite direction. Accentuating the eye appeal of the lid and then the direction of the brushing on the fish tail matches the direction of the brushing on the foot panel.

  • Has a nice, uniform look to the brushing…without streaking



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