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There are many different types of metal caskets, and each type has its unique features and advantages.

Bronze, copper, and stainless steel are considered semi-precious metals. Bronze and copper are listed in weight per square foot, such as 32-ounce copper.

Steel caskets are categorized based on the thickness of the material used (e.g., 16-gauge steel, 18-gauge steel, and 20-gauge steel.

Features of Metal Caskets (from Aurora Casket Company)

The bottoms and sides of stainless and carbon steel caskets are electronically fused together with 19 feet of continuous seam weld. This type of weld adds to the strength of the product and enhances the protective qualities of caskets. The brushing process features hand craftsmanship which results in the finest finish available in casket manufacturing.

Aurora's high gloss paint finish is achieved by implementing a wet sanding process, which is similar to that used in the manufacturing of luxury automobiles. Aurora caskets offer various grades of both velvet and crepe material which complement the quality and overall appearance of every Aurora casket. Reversible interiors offer a variety of appearances, which provides families with more personalized choices.

The locking mechanism, located in the center of the casket, provides a very simple but effective closing system without compromising the exterior appearance of the casket. Most caskets have a Memorial Record tube so the vital statistics of the deceased are permanently kept with each unit.

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