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Most religions have rituals and ceremonies that take place after the death of one of their members.

Judaism is no different. In fact, Jewish law dictates certain elements a casket must have in order to be considered kosher.

  orthodox casket by Aurora Casket Company

All of the caskets in Aurora Casket Company's Jewish Orthodox line are made in accordance with Jewish law. Victoriaville, Aurora's partner in wood casket manufacturing, is counseled by a rabbi to ensure that these units meet Orthodox Jewish standards. Some of the standards these units must meet are as follows:

  • Jewish tradition requires a simple, plain casket to reaffirm that we are all equal in death.

  • Wooden dowels should be used instead of nails or screws.

  • If glue is used, it should be vegetable-based, not animal-based.

  • Jewish law requires the body be allowed to return to the earth as soon as possible. Therefore, the casket must be made entirely from wood, with several holes drilled in the bottom to hasten decomposition and the body's return to earth.

  • The casket cannot be manufactured on the Sabbath.

  • The entire casket must be biodegradable, so only natural materials are used in the interiors.

  • Because the casket needs to be biodegradable, the beds are not adjustable. A special type of bed, called "wood wool," is used in the manufacture of orthodox caskets. Wood wool is similar to steel wool except, as the name implies, wood wool is actually wood, and the individual strands of wool are larger than what's found in most steel wool. Wood wool beds are large mattresses that typically fill about half the casket, leaving the other half for the deceased.

Some Jewish Orthodox units have bottoms that are pieced together out of four or five pieces of wood. In these caskets, it's common to see 1/8" to 1/4" gaps between the boards instead of holes drilled through the bottom.


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