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Laws concerning ash scattering differ in each state. If state law permits it, ashes or cremains may be scattered in lieu of preserving them in a columbarium, burying them in a grave, or keeping them at home. Some cremation societies offer scattering services to their members.

Some people leave specific instructions on where they want their ashes scattered in a river, a pond or lake or some private property. Some prefer a hillside behind their homes. A golfer wanted his ashes strewn on his favorite fairway in his country club; one lady specified a rose garden.

A few cemeteries in Cincinnati, Ohio have gardens for families to strew the ashes of their loved ones, including Spring Grove Cemetery and Arlington Memorial Garden's Whispering Wind in Springfield Township.

For those with concerns about the ashes posing a problem to the environment, the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati reminds people that "ashes are purified and pose no environmental hazard."

Because it's expedient and inexpensive, ash scattering is beginning to appeal especially to busy and mobile families who can't always find time to visit a columbarium or a cemetery.


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