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Stainless Steel Caskets from Aurora Casket


Stainless steel is an alloy of carbon steel containing ten percent or more chromium.

Nickel and other chemical elements are also used in the formulation of various types of stainless steel.



regency stainless steel casket from Aurora Casket Company


Although we have no conclusive data on the life of stainless steel in specific burial conditions, the results of an independent laboratory test are quite revealing.

In a 95 degree Fahrenheit salt water solution, stainless steel (type 409) was found to be approximately 8.3 times longer lasting than 16-gauge carbon steel. In the same test, stainless steel was 67% as long lasting as copper.

Copper is, of course, not subject to the chemical reaction of water and iron, which with salt acting as a catalyst, forms rust.

The question of magnetic properties has been an issue that has been quite misrepresented. Of the four structural types of stainless steel, only the Austenitic type is non-magnetic. This is due to the nickel content of the alloy.

It's seldom a factor in determining which alloy is used for a particular product or application. It's accurate to say that the magnetic properties of a stainless alloy have no effect on the durability of a burial casket under normal burial conditions.

It's important to note that a type of stainless alloy contains the combination of ingredients which makes it best suited for its final use. For example, the 409 (Ferritic) stainless steel alloy is often used for casket manufacturing because it's known for its properties in resisting atmospheric oxidation and high durability in outdoor use.

Aurora Casket Company pioneered the use of stainless steel in casket manufacturing in 1966, and has been the main source of development and production of the stainless steel casket since. The company has used many varieties of stainless steel alloys since then, and as new varieties are developed, they have continued to experiment and innovate.

Although the subject is complex, it's clear there are many considerations in determining which type of stainless steel is best for a given end use. Aurora has chosen type 409 on the advice of its supplier, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation--one of the nation's largest.

Aurora Casket applies a brushed finish to its stainless steel caskets. Skilled painters apply each coat by hand, then re-heat the top coat, letting it harden into a smooth-as-glass finish.


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