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by Meierjohan-Wengler

The question "Why personalize a cremation urn?" is frequently asked. The most important reason is because it's a benefit to the family grieving the loss of its loved one. Personalizing offers a visual record of a life lived. In addition to names, birth dates, and death dates, a favorite activity, sport, or hobby, fraternal organization, or military emblem can also be engraved on the cremation urn.

Until the urn is personalized, it's just a container. After it's personalized, it serves as a permanent memorial--a lasting tribute to the life that was lived.

Personalization options available include all flat-surfaced hardwoods, fabricated or spun non-painted bronze and stainless steel, fabricated copper, and all pewter urns.

Bronze nameplates are also an available option, and can be affixed to any flat-surfaced urn.

When engraving's not available directly on the urn, a bronze easel can display the engraving next to the urn.


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