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The oldest material known to man makes it a natural and environmentally sound choice when selecting a casket. Hardwood is also strong, beautiful, and shock-resistant. And just as no two pieces of hardwood are exactly the same, each Aurora casket handcrafted of hardwood has its own, warming identity. Choosing a hardwood casket also leaves a legacy for the next generation because wood is a renewable resource.

Accurately defined, hardwood is any wood derived from a leaf-bearing tree commonly referred to as deciduous. The term "hardwood" shouldn't be confused with the reference to the hardness of a wood's surface, it's not.

The Origin of Hardwood

The eastern seaboard of the United States has historically been a rich source of premium hardwood timber. A renewable natural resource, American forests are closely managed to ensure future availability and environmental safety. Prime stands of hardwood forests are common to several states in the eastern United States, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Pennsylvania.


Ninety thousand species of hardwoods exist around the globe. As many as 4,000 species are adaptable for manufacturing purposes. Hardwood species are divided into two distinct categories--open grain and close grain. Examples of open grain wood species include oak and ash, while close grain species include maple and poplar.

Popular Hardwood Choices for Caskets

Premium Hardwoods
Standard Hardwoods
Common Hardwoods

In Aurora Casket Company hardwood caskets, moldings are sculpted by hand and the entire piece is hand-rubbed between multiple coats of lacquer. Hardwood caskets are completed with a full-polished, hand-rubbed high gloss or satin finish.

Professional woodworkers, skilled in the art of cabinetry, follow many steps to ensure that the quality of the final product is comparable to that of the finest furniture. These craftsmen apply a wide variety of exterior finishes that accent the graining pattern that is unique to each species of wood.

Aurora caskets offer various grades of both velvet and crepe material which complement the quality and overall appearance of every Aurora casket. Reversible interiors offer a variety of appearances, which provides families with more personalized choices.

Most caskets have a Memorial Record tube so the vital statistics of the deceased are permanently kept with each unit.

Aurora offers a wide variety of species and shell styles, which include a complete line of orthodox products.

All Aurora hardwood caskets are suitable for cremation. A few specific features include metal hardware that is easily removable from the outside and beds that are fully combustible.

Aurora is conscious of both environmental concerns and overall cost saving programs. Therefore we have instituted many recycling programs throughout our manufacturing facilities and offices to reduce waste in any of our processes.


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